Brexit-Experte über Johnson-Poker: Last-Minute-Szenario könnte die Wende bringen

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Ende des Jahres endet die Übergangsphase. Dann würden Großbritannien und Nordirland aus dem EU-Binnenmarkt und der EU-Zollunion ausscheiden. Seit Monaten wird gestritten, wie die Partnerschaft nach der endgültigen Scheidung aussehen soll. Briten-Premier Boris Johnson drohte zuletzt mit einem „No Deal“. Brexit-Experte Nicolai von Ondarza erklärt im Interview mit FOCUS Online, wie dramatisch die Lage tatsächlich ist.


  • I am living in the Uk (eu citizen) and i started really disliking the english. Arrogant, stupid nation! Will u guys welcome my family in Germany..? i am really playing with the idea of moving.. I am in the business of virtual reality with strong 3D and virtual reality skills, but limited german language knowledge.

    • RealMash – and did your international colleagues speak German? Or only English? I am fluent in English, have an Oxford University masters degree, and i am originally from Hungary. I think the UK may even end up in a sort of civil war within a few years time, since the English won’t “allow” the Scottish to leave this madness. My other fear is that these idiots might turn against EU citizens as their last card.

    • @Steven P I had Hungarain colleagues, several of them. Very polite, very competent. Only speaking english. But you should learn German, hungarian is far superior for swearing (as I have been told), but for everyday purposes German is a good thing to have. You can get buy by using english, most people will understand. But if you know some words and people know you are trying, they will help you. As long as you make an effort, we know how difficult our language can be to foreigners…and the civil war in Britain will be a lot sooner than they think. Remember the Riots 2011? Think of that tenfold. And for months. Get out of there while you still can…we had a nice hungarian butcher which had the right Sausages and some sweets, all original from Hungary(tasty!), but sadly that butcher closed. So there must be some Hungarians here already…

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